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    Welcome to the website of CHAMBAILI. Pakistan's "underdog film" project of the year, also a project of passion.

    Active participation in national politics has become a necessity and is no longer a luxury, or a choice to not to- our people, our youth, professionals and technocrats, workers, middle class and importantly the indifferent silent majority cannot take a back seat. Team Chambaili believes that the Right to Choose and make the right choice is the very foundation of Democracy, is a people?s right. Our right, Our Might!

    Team Chambaili believes that it is the people who decide their national fate. Our concern and love for our country is a natural action, a collective need and our constitutional right. Politics must not be seen as a division between the State and its people, but as a vital link to prosperity and progress.

    In this year of Politics, Chambaili understands and realizes that it will be our collective effort that will decide the fate of our nation.

    This election, may truth, tolerance, respect, peace, change and excitement for a pulsating future of our nation pervail upon division, divide and destruction.

    The future awaits us. Embrace it by participating.

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    "angootha chaap kehtay hain na tumko .. . To laga do anghootha .. . Badal dalo taqdeer is mulk ki" - Saif

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